Caledonian Showing Championship


Highfield @ Howe, Fife 13/14 October 2018

Schedule for the 2018 Caledonian Championship Show

It is very nearly showtime, and we look forward to seeing everyone in their finery over the show.  entries are the best they have been since the show started three years ago .... some sections are lower, but he majority are up.

Click below for the Class entry count and also for the Timetable with ring start times nnow added
Entry Numbers per class

Timetable with Ring start times

How fabulous are these shows!  

Top hats, navy jackets, stocks, and bit of glitter (well, quite a lot in some cases!), music, lights, draped arenas, flowers and truly amazing rosettes and sashes ..... even some that light up in the dark!

Inhand, Ridden and Worker classes for Ponies, Horses and Mountain and Moorlands

Check out the list of Qualified horses and ponies to see if you have qualified, if you are not on the list when you think you ought to be, first check the results from the relevant show has been listed yet, that the show is actually a qualifer, and if still in doubt please contac the organiser

If you are placed 1st or 2nd in one of our many qualifying shows around the country this season (or 1st-3rd at a Puddledub show, the Royal Highland or the Scottish Horse Show) then you will have qualified and be eligible to enter any one of our many classes suitable for your horse or pony.



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